A Ceramics being produced by Szemán Stúdió Kft. is frost-resistant. It is suitable for usage in the garden, in parks, on balconies and also inside the house. The ceramics is made from a material which, its colour varies from light yellow over red to dark bordeaux and black.

This material is being used for ceramics for buildings, for the garden, for fountains etc. in Hungary and in other countries of Europe. Its frost-resistance is guaranteed.

Besides the classical forms also modernly designed forms can be found in our catalogue. With their rusticality and their simple but firm appearance they cater for a Mediterranean atmosphere in the garden, in parks and also in flats. Others of our products can be used as additional elements to garden-lakes, resort areas and cliff-gardens, these products are carefully designed animal figures.

All pots, statues and objects produced by us are individually designed products. On these products you can discover signs of the human hand and also of the person the object is done by. In the procedure of production the burning takes place at a temperature up to 1280 Celsius degree, in the course of this process the objects become hard and resistant to outside effects and also to the changes of the weather.

Our list of products and our catalogue contains more detailed information on the products which helps you in chosing the ones most suited to your needs.

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Wenn Sie in unserem Produktenkatalog auf {Bild}er klicken, dann erscheint die ausgewählte Keramik in einer vergrößerten Form. Wenn Sie unter dem Bild auf {Nummer}, bzw. auf {Bezeichnung} klicken, können Sie Sich die Größen, das Gewicht und den Preis des von der Produktenliste ausgewählten Produktes ansehen. Die darunter angezeigte {Liste} p hilft Ihnen dabei, schneller zu den einzelnen Varianten der Keramiken zu gelangen.
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